Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

What To Expect During A Fire Sprinkler Inspection

by Edward Smythe

If you own or manage a facility that has a fire sprinkler system, regular inspections are essential to ensure the system is working correctly and that your building adheres to the local fire codes.

But what does a typical fire sprinkler inspection involve? And why is it important? Read on to learn more.

The Purpose of Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Fire sprinklers are designed to control or extinguish fires quickly with minimal water damage. To make sure they work properly, it's important that they pass regular inspections.

During an inspection, the inspector will ensure that all system components are in good working order, including pipes, valves, pressure gauges, flow switches, and other equipment. The lines deliver water from the system's main valve to sprinkler heads, which are designed to disperse water when triggered by heat. This helps to control the fire and minimize damage.

The inspection will also check for any signs of corrosion, leaks, or blockages. Blockages can occur if foreign objects are jammed into the pipes, or sediment buildup occurs in the valve. If you don't address them, they could lead to a system malfunction and put your facility at risk.

The inspector will also check for any changes in the system since the last inspection. This may include changes to equipment, installation of new sprinklers, or any modifications made to the building. The idea is to ensure the system can still work correctly in case of a fire.

What Else Happens During an Inspection?

During an inspection, technicians will typically test the pressure and flow rate of the water in each section of the sprinkler system. Water pressure is one of the most important factors when it comes to fire sprinklers, as it can affect how quickly water reaches each sprinkler's head.

Usually, the inspector will use a unique tool called a manometer to read the pressure. This tool measures the exact pressure of the water and can detect any problems with the system.

The technician will also look for any obstructions, such as furniture or storage boxes, that could stop water from reaching its intended destination during an emergency. Such items must be removed to ensure the system works as it should.

What Should the Inspection Frequency Look Like?

The frequency with which your fire sprinklers need to be inspected will depend on where you live and your local fire codes. Most jurisdictions require annual inspections, but some may require them more frequently or less frequently, depending on specific circumstances.

These could be things like building occupancy levels or the size of your facility. It's important to follow local regulations closely to avoid any potential fines or penalties due to non-compliance with fire codes. 

For more information on sprinkler inspections, contact a professional near you.


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