Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

The Advantages Of 24-Hour Security

by Edward Smythe

Having a security guard at your property 24 hours a day offers many advantages over having just a daytime or nighttime guard. While many people think of security guards as not real security people, they really are. Many are former cops or military, and all require training. Having these people onsite around the clock is one of the best ways to help your employees and customers feel safer.

Crime Isn't Limited to Nighttime

The most obvious advantage to having a 24-hour security guard is that crime isn't limited to just nighttime or daytime. It can happen anytime, and if there are hours when the perpetrator realizes there are no guards around, then those hours will more than likely see more criminal activity. With guards walking around at all hours, crime might not disappear completely, but the presence of the guards should reduce crime noticeably.

Security Guards Are Seen as Trusted Figures

When someone's in trouble and sees a security guard, they'll generally head over to the guard if they don't recognize anyone else in the area or if no one else is around. That includes lost children, confused adults, people who think they might be experiencing a medical emergency, and so on. While the guard can't do much in these circumstances except call for further help or page the parents of the lost child, just the fact that they were there has helped someone become calmer. And, now that person is getting more help from whoever the guard calls.

The Guards Have Special Training That Your Workers May Not Have

If any of your employees or customers are former security guards, they may know how to act in an emergency when a crime has occurred. But, chances are, they don't have a past as a security guard or in any related profession, so you need people on-site at all times who know what to do. Emergency training procedures for your business work only so well and teach only so much. They can't substitute for having a guard, especially if you want armed guards onsite at all times. Plus, guards can also monitor video security and spot behavior that might not tip off anyone else watching that something is wrong.

Hiring a 24-hour security guard is easy once you know whether you want them to be armed or unarmed and have found a good company. Your business, employees, and customers will be safer with a security guard walking around.


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Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

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