Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Released On Bail Bond? 3 Ways To Prevent A Loved One From Skipping Bail

by Edward Smythe

After receiving the news that your loved one was arrested, you probably did everything possible to secure their freedom. You probably offered your retirement savings, house, and emergency funds that you probably didn't want to spend to get them released. The collateral offered is supposed to stand in for the money paid by the bail bond agent in case your loved one chooses to skip bail. Now that your funds and possessions are at risk, you'll need to cooperate with the bond agent to ensure the defendant complies with relevant bond terms. Here are ways to deal with a defendant released on a bail bond. 

1. Keep Them Motivated

Your top priority should be to find ways to minimize the risks of the person released disappearing or failing to honor the terms of the agreement. Remember that your money or collateral could be in trouble if your loved one skips the hearing. It's important to keep them busy and motivated once they get home. Surround your loved one with love to keep their spirit up and prevent them from entertaining unrealistic ideas.

2. Get a Reliable Defense Lawyer

Bail bonds agents speed up release processes from jail to buy you time to build a case that will prove your innocence. Your loved one needs to feel hopeful. Consider hiring a reputable lawyer who will analyze the charges and find suitable solutions to get your loved one acquitted. Your bail bond company might recommend reputable defense lawyers to help with your case. The lawyer will also make the defendant understand the consequences of violating the bail terms.

3. Keep in Touch With the Bondsman

You should always cooperate with the agent after your loved one is released from jail. They have the best advice on handling such cases, thanks to their experience. First, provide the agent with all the details about the defendant. Then, if the defendant fails to show up in court, the agent will have an easier time tracking them.

Furthermore, the bondsman stands to lose if the defendant fails to show up for hearings and trials. The agent might hire a bounty hunter to find the defendant so that you can protect your assets and bondsman's money from forfeiture. You will have a higher chance of recovering your bail money if you partner with a reliable bail bond firm.

While it's a challenging time to see your loved one struggling, you'll need to take the right steps and choose a reliable bail bond company for a great experience. Work with a bail bond agent from the start and use these helpful tips to make things easier.

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Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

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