Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Securing Your Apartment Complex

by Edward Smythe

If you manage an apartment complex, then providing a safe place for your residents is your responsibility. There are a lot of areas you should be concerned with when it comes to security, such as the apartments themselves, the common areas, the pool, the parking lot, the laundry facility, and anywhere else on the property. Consider following the tips here to help create the safest possible complex for your residents.

Get to know your tenants

Take a walk around the apartment complex at least a couple times a week and chit chat with your tenants. They are going to feel better about coming to you with problems regarding things going on around the complex if they know you are approachable. Also, try to take your walks at different times of the day, so you bump into more tenants than if you walked at the same time every day.

Keep the grounds in great condition

If you don't stay on top of the appearance of the complex, then criminals in the area may assume that the complex is one that they can go to in order to commit crimes and not be as noticed. So, while there are many other reasons for keeping the grounds looking great, criminal behavior is another factor you need to be aware of.

Install gates with card access

Installing a wrought iron gate around the complex and parking lot that require cards or codes to gain entry will help you to keep unwanted elements from coming on the grounds. Anyone who doesn't reside in the complex will still be able to use the dial pad to reach the tenant they are visiting to be buzzed in.

Keep the complex well-lit and replace burnt out lights immediately

Make sure there are no dark areas around the complex or parking area. If there are, these will be the areas where crimes will be more likely to happen at night. If a light bulb burns out around the complex, have it replaced right away.

Hire a security company

You should hire a security company to patrol the complex at night if you have started to notice any problems taking place. A security guard on the premises will deter most criminals, and any that do try to commit crimes on the property will likely be stopped by the security guard. Your tenants will also feel safer knowing there is security available if they need help.

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Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

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