Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Why Your Company's New Building Construction Needs Fire Guards

by Edward Smythe

If you are planning to build a new building for your business, safety is more than likely one of your major concerns. This is especially true about fire safety. During new building construction, even if you are adding on to an existing structure, fire alarm systems may not be in place or active. For this reason, your need of security fire watch guards becomes great. Check out the reasons you need to hire fire watch guards for your new building construction.

No Operational Fire Alarm System

During the construction of your new building, having a fire watch guard on duty is a good way to prevent fire. For example, if a fire watch guard sees an construction worker smoking who drops his cigarette on the floor, the guard can stop that worker from smoking in the building. Fire watch guards work diligently to prevent fire hazards until your building has an operational fire alarm system in place. While your building is being constructed under certain fire codes, having a guard on duty is an additional way to protect your building and the investment you have in it.

Flammable Chemicals On Site

If your company's production requires the use of flammable chemicals, you may have several containers delivered for storage while some construction is still going on. While storing flammable chemicals at your new building, you need to make sure you have either a properly working fire alarm and sprinkler system or security fire watch guards on duty until a system is up and working. In the event your chemicals are exposed to a spark, having someone there with the training to ensure your building's safety is a good idea. Many fire watch guards work for companies that have a central communication center that will alert firemen and other proper law enforcement.

Malfunctioning Fire Alarms

In the event your building's fire alarm system is malfunctioning, it could go off when there is no fire or never sound off when there is one. If your building is under construction or renovation, your need for a working alarm system is the same as if the building was finished. For this reason, having fire watch guards in place until your alarm system is repaired is important to avoid damage and loss from fire.

Taking the time to learn more about fire watch guards can be beneficial for your building's protection while it is under construction.


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Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

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