Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

Lesser-Known Security Features Of Top Security Systems And Why They May Be Important To You

by Edward Smythe

When you install your home security system for the first time, the security company may not cover all of the features with which your system comes equipped. It is assumed that the customer will read over their owner's manual and become acquainted with these features, when in reality, very few people take the time to do this. The lesser-known features of your system may be glossed over, or you might miss out on a service provided by your system that is especially useful. If you haven't heard about these particular features, now is your chance to learn about them and use them. 

Whole House, Remote Monitoring

It is not everyday that you go on vacation, but when you do you expect your security system to protect your home while you are gone. You can connect to your system via an app that provides whole house, remote monitoring. This means that you will get a warning text or alarm on your phone that alerts you to the fact that someone has broken in. The app may also allow you to tune into the sounds within your house, and the best systems of all allow you to record any words spoken by the intruders. Then you can call the police and send them to your home to check on the situation. Additionally, this application is useful for listening in on what your teenagers are doing when you are not at home.

Panic Button

Some security systems come with a panic button. If you can reach the wall unit, you can hit a panic button that alerts the security company that something in your home is amiss. The security company may try to contact you, or they may just quietly monitor the home for a few seconds to a couple of minutes before making contact. If you cannot reach the wall unit, there are some security companies that offer a keychain version of the panic button so that you can remotely activate this feature.

Emergency Call Button

This feature is similar to the panic button, except that it immediately alerts fire and rescue departments that you are injured or your home is on fire. It is often worn around the neck like and elderly person's emergency alert system, but you can also attach it to your keys. Once activated, it can only be deactivated by calling the security company or with the arrival of the fire and rescue trucks who frequently have their own punch-in key code or direct line to your security company. 


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Install a Home Security System for Peace of Mind

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